Wednesday, March 4, 2020

How to Find Anchor Clients and Earn a Consistent Income

How to Find Anchor Clients and Earn a Consistent Income Still, few would argue that scouring job boards weekly, bidding for gigs, and pitching editors and potential clients can be time consuming. And time is money. For this reason, your goal in 2013 should be to add more Anchor Clients to your roster.  What are Anchor Clients? Anchor clients are businesses or individuals with whom you have an ongoing relationship and a steady flow of projects and income. This would be in contrast to those for whom you perform an occasional task, or one time, with no repeat work.  Anchor Clients benefit your business in three major ways:  1. They help to break the feast or famine cycle of sporadic income. Having them allows you to plan better, Though these types of clients come in as many shapes and forms as freelance writing itself, here are a few common ones I’ve garnered over the years. And with a little creativity, you can too.  Client type:Businesses with blogs that need updated content  Strategy:Blogs are the new black. Over the last few years, I have crafted posts for companies (seeking greater visibility and a broader customer base), ranging from $50 to $100 per blog post. The vast majority of these listings were found

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