Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Adult Learner Interview Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Adult Learner Interview Assignment - Essay Example But all of them also involved a hands-on element. For example, I attended a weeklong safety course for my job. Each day we would learn a specific concept related to workplace safety. This would be the morning instruction. We would then go out into the factory and try to find good and bad examples of this safety concept in our factory. I liked the fact that we got to apply our knowledge right away, instead of just taking notes and listening to a lecture. This is also how my classes at the community college have been. They all have a hands-on element. Well, the work place training was simply because my boss wanted me to take the training. He thought I would be a good person to send. He does this so I can then bring back the information I learned to the manufacturing team members. The classes at the community college have been for my own personal growth. For a while I think I was hoping to find a different job by learning some new skills in these classes. I was thinking I’d like to get into computer repair. But taking these classes showed me I enjoy doing this as a hobby but not as a full time job. For my most recent safety training, the outcome was difficult to measure because we ran out of time and money to implement the safety recommendations we learned in the course. We got a huge order for machines and reevaluating safety procedure went out the window because we had to put all of our efforts into producing the necessary parts. So we really didn’t get a chance to see if what I learned really applied to the real world. It is all just a bunch of theories in my head at this point and I do not think that is what the company intended when they sent me to the training. That was several months ago and I am sure I have forgotten most of what I was taught. If we ever come back to it, I am sure I will be able to recall most of it from my notes and by

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