Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Mondrian's Mathematical principles art Speech or Presentation

Mondrian's Mathematical principles art - Speech or Presentation Example Mondrian employed the very simple geometrical shapes and primary colors for expressing reality, nature and logic. His perspective of viewing things was different. He considered that it is possible to construct any kind of shape as long as there is a basic geometric one. Same is the case with colors; any color can be made by a combination of two or more of the primary colors, red, blue and yellow. A very common element of Mondrian’s art is the Golden Rectangle. This comes under the basic shapes and it has been used repeatedly by Mondrian in his artwork. The following compositions were created using the primary colors and both contain several golden rectangles. The first one was painted in 1942 and the second, right one in 1926 (Mondrian 1937–42). Basically, through his work Mondrian wanted â€Å"to achieve harmony through the balance of the relationships between lines, colors and planes. But only in the clearest and strongest way† (Ruhrberg, et al. 2000,

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