Saturday, November 30, 2019

Marketing Mix for a Clothing Store free essay sample

As a clothing store which is focusing on local designed and European designed clothes, our products are going to be high-end, fashionable, green and unique. ?First, because the trend of   develops very fast, we want to encourage our designers to consider using green dressing materials or put some elements of eco-awareness in their creations. At the same time, we are going to use Environmental protection shopping bag in our business and use green materials to decorate our store. ?Second, the elements of FASHION are the main selling point for us. We are going to collect some latest designed creations from local designers in Vancouver or European cities. However, we know there are not all fashion design can be dressed everyday, so we want to pick the most feasible designs to produce, on the other hand, we also provide some photos and introduction for the designs that we didn’t pick, then customers can customize the cloth they want and we can provide the order process and delivery services for them, this is another way to make profit and save the total cost of goods for us. We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing Mix for a Clothing Store or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Third, because we want to emphasize the uniqueness of our products, then we are not going to mass-produce the design we pick. We want to make sure there is only several numbers of clothes in same design but different sizes. Because our design are latest and local young designer’s creations are not popular than famous designer’s, we want every cloth we sold has its designer’s own style, then we can maintain the uniqueness of our products. ?Forth, because we are going to sold unique, fashionable and green products to customers, these products should be high-end and have a good quality. PRICE Because our products are high-end and comparatively unique than other stores, our prices of product are going to be higher than common clothing stores. However, our products are not luxuries because we want the middle class family can afford the clothes, shoes and accessories that we provide to them. ?For the products we sold in local store: we want to double the price than the products in GAP or other popular clothing stores. ?For the customized products: we need to calculate the total amount of cost of ordering, production and delivery. We estimate the price of these products should be twice higher than our usual products. (I just guess this price thing, you guys decide it†¦. ) PROMOTION Because our main selling point is â€Å"local†, so our promotion strategy should focus on local market. ?We want to promote our store through local newspaper but the space of our advertisement in newspaper should not be too big. Consider of the cost of advertisement and the segment of market we pick, we need a moderate size but cool advertisement to match up to our store. We also want to exhibit our products or the latest fashion design to the local markets. So, we want to hold a launch party to exhibit these designs softly to potential customers. Not only when the store is opening, but we want to hold this kind of party seasonal. We can also invite the designers and VIP customers come to our party to communicate with each other. We think these parties can increase the brand loyalty and increase the times of exposure. ?W e also want to sponsor local match of fashion design when we have enough capitals. It is a good way to advertise our brand and make a good relationship with potential talent designers. PEOPLE Our target segment of clothing market is the people around 25-40 years old and have a higher than moderate income in each month. These people, rather than older people, buy cloth base on its design or whether it is popular, they like to spent hundreds of dollar to purchase some unique and fashion clothes and have a ability to afford their high-end taste. Indeed, rich people see these fashion clothes and their high prices as the symbol of their status and they let themselves to become the most profitable targets in the fashion clothes market. PLACE We have two channels to distribute our products, one is the tangible local store in Granville Street and another one is the intangible internet web-site. ?The reason why we want to host a web-site is that along with the development of the online security technology and online business, people want to purchase cloth online if we can provide them a more onvenient way to shopping. But, we must provide the pictures of products with high pixels and clear introductions of products and designers. ?For our local store, we want to set up a place with cool and modern internal design and can provide a soft environment to customers. In the store, we are going to play some local music to emphasize our characteristic and target market. The reason why we choose the Granville Street is (†¦. i really n ot familiar with this†¦please adds sth†¦)

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